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Rhythmic Gemstones of London


Gemstones - Beautiful, Unique, Precious

Our Mission

To help our athletes succeed through the expertise,

dedication, and enthusiasm of trained coaches who care.

At Rhythmic Gemstones, we believe that each athlete is like a gemstone - Precious, Unique, and Beautiful. We offer instruction through a variety of recreational and performance classes, as well as specialty classes. We offer the most programs, the best qualified staff, and the most locations in London so that we can deliver an unparalleled rhythmic gymnastic experience for every member of our organization!

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful Olympic sport that promotes elements of dance, gymnastics, and apparatus technique for girls of all ages and abilities.

Performances are done as an individual or as a group. The athlete(s) performs the routine using the ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, scarf, or clubs. 
Rhythmic Gemstones of London is a family run club in London, Ontario, Canada.


Club Owners - Jess, Kathy, Kate


Performance team - Bud Gardens 

London Lightning Half-time show 

Update on School Situation 

We had hoped to start classes in September.
However, we were delayed until the middle of January 2022.
The Winter class schedule is now up on the "Program" tab.
We have also listed the policy changes because of Covid.  

We continue to pray that the number and severity of
Covid-19 cases will decrease quickly.
We look forward to seeing you in January. 
We thank you for your understanding.  

Call Kathy at 519-652-9830
or use the "contact us" tab on the website  
We appreciate your business!!!